Socket Concepts

As a framework for distributed system design, Featherweight is equipped with the best messaging framework available today for LabVIEW.

FTW Sockets

The APIs used for messaging in Featherweight are called FTW Sockets.

FTW Actors own individual sockets used to send messages to one another.

FTW Actors use socket types and wire-level serialization protocols that make them readily-interoperable with other actors (and things that appear to be actors) in other languages and execution systems.

Message Transport Schemes

Each FTW Socket topology offers four types of

Scheme Description
tcp:// Actors
ws:// Ruleset that governs how the actor reacts to Ask and Tell requests from remote actors. Each inbox in the array includes address where it listens for requests, its priority with respect to other inboxes, and message handling semantics for different message types.
ipc:// Inter-process communication using OS-level messaging facilities (nominally, pipes) for inter-application communication on the same compute target.
inproc:// In-process transactional memory for communication within the same application space and execution context. This is nominally the fastest, but also the least flexible with regard to location transparency.


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